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  1. Looking for a designer I'm looking for a designer to make 2 unique logos for one community and one for a hosting company. I am looking for a professional job and not for a template taken online. I pay if necessary for the work if it goes against what I am looking for. Interested designers contact PM for more details and to give me prices. Thanks for listening
  2. Good evening dear members of the forum, I opened this topic to ask anyone who had 3.4.x ipboard skins that I could send without charging any monetary value. I would be very grateful to anyone who could help. I have downloaded all the ones that are here in the forum but I look for some more.
  3. What you recommend? i follow all instructions and give that error.
  4. Hello i install (EH34) Server List (editet Golus Table) and when i try add server say this error Unknown column 'hltv' in 'field list' and can´t add a server. Any one can help pls?
  5. I have a community called WolvesZone. This is what I currently have but it was a template that was on the internet and then several people have wanted something different. Dimension: 300x231 color are the red and orange like this The forum still does not have the domain and the wehosting because initially we will only open the Teamspeak. No need to have this shield behind.I wanted something like this exemples: | And thanks to anyone who can help
  6. Logo for PlayHost

    Thanks my friend. It was even that
  7. I have a webhost called PlayHost and I'm in need of a logo for it. Could someone make one? It does not have to be anything too complex I want a simple logo highlighting the word play even containing the play symbol and then the word Host a little smaller than the play. and code of color is that #1A9D23 Thanks to anyone who can help