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    web Developing
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    web Developing
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  1. How to display ALT tag as image caption in Invision Community? After adding an image into my contents and double-click on it I Fill out the field Image Title and save. The image title will not be automatically displayed below the image. What's the issue?
  2. you're right. I wish everyone respects to copyright....!
  3. OK but give me a little guide for if code. I mean is that, How do I specify to display this message if the user login in with socialmedia?
  4. Hi. How can I add a no password alert if the user has logged in via a social media site and does not have a password. Just like it is here on Pecetowicz, when editing the profile. "Ooops... No Password!"
  5. Hi my lords. How can I add a mention button in posts without using plugin? Invision Community 4.6.
  6. is there a way to disable applications with this method? because I installed an application And I get an error on admin login
  7. Hi everybody. I have a Traffic Generator plugin. But the plugin is for Invision Community 4.4 and that's the problem. This plugin uses a function that was removed. IPS developers removed the "select_sql_calc_found_rows" function, now need to use "COUNT(*)" instead. Can you fix it, pls?
  8. Hi guys. How can I add "Copy to Clipboard" button for ipsCode section in topics?
  9. I finally solved the problem. solution: we should disable "files must be approved?" in file category What's the point in that ********************************** thanks to all
  10. thanks to reply Although your answer had nothing to do with my question
  11. Still I got previous message (Your content will need to be approved by a moderator )!
  12. Hi. I'm admin and I have a full accesses and permissions but when I want to update a file I got this message "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" What's the problem?
  13. When I minimized the screen, the menus are not responsive and goes next to each other! How to add responsiveness to the custom menu? Whats the problem? I use this css codes for my own style: please help me
  14. I did this method too, but it still did not work! *************** note: When I put the codes into mobilenavbar and delete the codes from userbar everything good works. I got confused...
  15. Hi guys. When I put these code in Userbar file for Dark Mode, everything works good, but when I put in mobilenavbar it doesn't work. What's the problem? I use these code to make dark mode: <label class = "daa" for = "checkbox" > <input class = "l" type = "checkbox" ></label> <script> const toggleSwitch = document . querySelector ( '.daa input[type="checkbox"]' ); const currentTheme = localStorage . getItem ( 'theme' ); if ( currentTheme ) { document . documentElement . setAttribute ( 'dark-mode' , currentTheme ); if ( c
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