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    web Developing
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    web Developing
    agriculture engineer
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  1. Hi guys. I wanna to show followers count and solved count in hovercard in Invision Community so I use below codes, but these codes turn 0 result.. 😕 How can I fix that? <!-- for solved count--> <div class='ipsPadding_horizontal:half ipsFlex ipsFlex-fd:column-reverse ipsFlex-ai:center'> <dd class='ipsType_semiBold ipsType_large ipsType_dark ipsMargin:none'>{number="$comment->author_solved_count"}</dd> <dt class='ipsType_light'><i class='bx bx-badge-check' ></i></dt> </div> <!-- for followers count--> <div class='ipsPaddin
  2. Hi everybody. I know that with the following code, we can add custom CSS styles in custom pages, but I wanna add custom CSS in specific pages like register or login. is it possible? how? body[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="topic"] .ipsPageHeader { styles }
  3. hi everybody. I need to set Cron Job on my Invision Community forums. Can someone explain step by step how to set that? please I need that.
  4. thanks to reply🙏🙏 dear @SeNioR, I have a legal licence but because of financial problems I can't renew that.
  5. here when I wanna reduce the time of prune and click on save I got that error
  6. Hi guys. When I wanna reduce the value of members history in profile setting I got below error: uncaught_exception TypeError: preg_match(): Argument #2 ($subject) must be of type string, array given (0) #0 /home/delt....
  7. there is nothing on background Processes. I have already said that I get the below error by clicking Run Now button. no. how can I do this? can you explain that for me?
  8. hi everybody. I have been receiving the following error inside the admin for a few days "Locked Task: postBeforeRegisterFollowup". I know that this task sends emails to guest who have made a post but haven't completed registration. When I click on run now Button I got error: 2C124/2. The task is already running.... but when I click on view logs I got nothing to see Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi. How can I solve this problem? The error page message is not full width. The error box is not full width "Sorry! This page you requested does not exist"
  10. How to display ALT tag as image caption in Invision Community? After adding an image into my contents and double-click on it I Fill out the field Image Title and save. The image title will not be automatically displayed below the image. What's the issue?
  11. you're right. I wish everyone respects to copyright....!
  12. OK but give me a little guide for if code. I mean is that, How do I specify to display this message if the user login in with socialmedia?
  13. Hi. How can I add a no password alert if the user has logged in via a social media site and does not have a password. Just like it is here on Pecetowicz, when editing the profile. "Ooops... No Password!"
  14. Hi my lords. How can I add a mention button in posts without using plugin? Invision Community 4.6.
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