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Moving to Invision Community (Guides)

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Moving to Invision Community. Best practices when migrating from your existing platform.

We take you through all the steps you should consider before, during and after migrating to Invision Community. From drawing up your migration plan, to managing your members.

Why Invision Community?

There are a lot of ways Invision Community can breathe new life into your community. With our engagement features, advanced promotion features and mobile ready responsive themes, your members will love the changes.

Invision Community can power your entire site, from the content management system right through to your download areas and shopping carts.

Imagine not having to juggle a dozen plug-ins and make several different applications talk to each other.

We offer a range of migration tools for Lithium, vBulletin, xenForo, phpBB, Vanilla, bbPress and more.

These tools convert your data such as members, passwords, forums, topics, posts across to Invision Community. These tools are completely free to download and use for Invision Community customers. We do also offer an enterprise conversion service where we take care of everything for you.

Make your plan

Using the demo and speaking to our sales team will help you draw up a migration plan. You will know which applications you need, and what data can be migrated over. A good plan will include:

  • List of features commonly used and where they are on the new system.
  • List of external features needed, like single sign on and other site integrations.
  • Changes needed to the theme and interface language.
  • Date for test conversion.
  • Beta testing with trusted members for feedback.
  • Announcements made to inform and educate the community on the upcoming changes.
  • Final conversion date.
  • Post conversion Q&A.

This plan will give you a framework for your conversion. Taking time at this stage to identify your needs and any potential obstacles will pay dividends later

Keep your community members updated

Keep your community up to date with your migration plan. Show them the platform they will be using. Take videos and screenshots showing them the exciting new features coming soon. Make it a positive and fun experience.

Post something new every few days to get your community used to the idea and get them involved by asking them if they have any questions. Our sales and support teams are here to help you if you have any further questions at this point.

Getting the majority of your community excited about the change is the best way to make the transition a smooth one.

If you are converting from an older platform, then it is likely some of your members will be change resistant. Keeping your members updated about what is coming will help.

It is worth taking the time to explain the benefits of the switch. If there's a good reason for it, your community will get behind it quickly.

Explain why the change is necessary

  • This could be because your existing software is insecure and out of date or it may not contain the functionality you need in the near future.
  • You have outgrown your existing software platform and it cannot scale to keep up causing slow page loads and heavy server load. Invision Community has integrations with Amazon S3 storage, Elastic Search, Redis and Sendgrid.
  • You want to use additional applications such as Pages and Commerce to simplify your whole site.

Make it comfortable

For a successful conversion, it is important that your members feel comfortable with the new system.

Take some time to theme your new Invision Community so it has a similar look and feel to your existing community. Change resistant members will feel more comfortable if there are areas that are familiar to them.

Ensuring your branding, such as your logo is set up correctly, and the colours match what you had before is a good start.

The easy mode theme editor is a great place to start for sweeping changes.

Check the language

There are always little differences in the interface language that may throw some of your older members off. For example, some systems use "threads" instead of topics and "messages" instead of posts.

Invision Community has a built in translation system so you can change the interface language to match your existing site.

Help your members

Helping your members feel comfortable with a new platform is key to a successful migration. Here are our tips for getting members settled in.

  • Set up a temporary questions and answer forum where your members can ask how the new system works and give you feedback.
  • Pin a handful of topics explaining where common items are now, such as how to edit your profile, how to send personal messages, how to mark the site as read and so on. Think about the daily activities your members make and explain how to do them with Invision Community.
  • You can use the pre-move time to ask your community what actions they do daily and may need assistance with on the new platform.
  • Dealing with any post-migration confusion from long standing members quickly is critical to keep the mood of the community positive.
  • Create videos showcasing some of the new functionality and how its accessed.

Work with your team

Invision Community has a whole host of moderation tools that your team will love as it makes their daily routines much easier.

From the comprehensive warning system, to the crowd sourced moderation feature, which can automatically hide content and notify moderators once it has been reported multiple times, Invision Community makes your moderators’ lives easier.

In our experience, the best approach is to pin topics in a team area that explains how to use these new features and where to find them.

Most moderators should find things right where they need them. The Invision Community interface has been built to be easy to use.

Once your team are settled, they can help guide the community in the right direction. Their confidence with the new system will really help.

We are Invision Community

Our first product launched in 2002 during a time when the internet was first emerging from its early roots. We've come a long way since then, but we've always stayed at the forefront of community building. We have a long history of innovation and customer driven development.

Our core team hasn't changed much over the past decade. Our time together has forged us as a true family. We've developed a shorthand that lets us communicate complex ideas with ease. The company founders remain as involved today as they did during the early years.

Our Values

Our head office is located in Virginia but we have team members from all over the world. We believe in hiring the best talent regardless of location. We use our own products to engage with our customer base. Our team posts daily to answer questions, gather feedback and to offer advice on how to build a successful community. We've seen a lot change over the years and we're proud to see so many of our customers continue to succeed with us.

We work in a very fast moving environment. Every day new technologies are launched and consumer habits change. We ensure that we're always on the cutting edge and apply our research to our products.

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